Yogic Arts

Yogic Arts

Yoga is an age old approach to physical and mental disciplines thought to have originated in India. Our yoga practice is for everyone. Each individual can gain a profound understanding of themselves, drawing from many traditions of posture, meditation, breath, and movement. The path of yoga leads to physical, mental, and spiritual awakenings and when practiced with regularity, can bring about significant positive change to our lives.

Aerial Revolution is proud to be the home of AcroYoga San Diego. This unique blend of acrobatics, yoga, and thai massage is an international phenomenon that is sure to be a part of our mainstream culture. The practice is based on building connection, playfulness, and trust in a community environment where yogic practitioners dedicate themselves to growing together in partner work.

Our Aerial Yoga program is a fusion of yogic practices on the cirque fabric. In an Aerial Yoga class all of the poses are modified to include the support of the swing. All classes will have conditioning and restorative aspects, much like a traditional yoga class. This practice has already sent waves throughout the New York and Los Angeles fitness communities and will no doubt be a new staple of the modern yoga practitioner.

Yoga Schedule

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