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San Diego's Revolution Yoga is a modern approach to physical and mental disciplines thought to have originated in India. Our yoga practice is for everyone. Each individual can gain a profound understanding of themselves, drawing from many traditions of posture, meditation, breath, and movement. The path of yoga leads to physical, mental, and spiritual awakenings and when practiced with regularity, can bring about significant positive change to our lives.

Physically, Aerial Revolution Asana is a conditioning practice intended to tone, strengthen, and increase flexibility in the body and build endurance toward any physical practice. Our bodies become light and move with ease, our digestive systems are toned, and our overall well being is established and consistent.

Mentally, our Asana is intended to increase our ability to concentrate so that our daily energy moves toward the object of our concentration, and our dreams and visions become reality. We stabilize ourselves in a natural state of mind that stabilizes our emotions and gives us a general sense of peace and equanimity.

Spiritually, through the practice we experience profound connection to ourselves and those around us, deepening our love and appreciation for life, uplifting our spirits, and liberating us from the negativity that surrounds us. Our troubles become treasures, our obstacles become opportunities, and our problems become possibilities.

Yoga Class Types

Revolution Yoga All Levels: Aerial Revolution offers a unique and exciting introduction to vinyasa style yoga intended to build strength, breath capacity, balance, and spirit. This yoga practice is intended for everyone of all levels, from the office worker to the advanced yogi. Our goal is to help you express yourself and guide you to a renewed awareness of your body so you can discover the strength, flexibility, and peace of mind within. Above all, we create a safe space for you to practice and learn. Let go of what you are supposed to be doing, and be who you are!

Restorative Yoga: Restorative Yoga is a deeply restful and trans-formative practice where the students are guided through a series of postures designed to calm the mind and balance the nervous system. By using props such as bolsters, blankets and pillows, and holding the poses for as long as 10 or more minutes, the body is given a chance to fully relax. A Restorative Yoga practice brings the body into a deeply relaxed state, allowing the mind to become quiet and reflective, bringing the mental, physical, and emotional bodies into blissful balance.

Beemashakti Yoga System : The Bheemashakti physical practice of yoga is based on the ancient system of Ashtanga Swara Yoga. This is a 10,000 year old tantric science which bases the physical practice on the seven dimension of the body concept. This concept directs the yoga practice by strengthening and opening seven dimensions of the body using kriyas (movement) and kapalabhati (intense breathing technique). These seven dimensions are what all yoga asanas are based on. So, in theory, when we master the seven dimensions we will be able to accomplish most asanas, or at least, understand how to achieve the asana. Realistically, there are advanced asanas that will not be attainable for everyone, but this system of practice places the student on a progressive track of improvement. This system of practice, utilizing of the seven dimensions, is what we call Dimensional Practice. Yoga practice begins with the Dimensional Practice to build a foundation of the seven dimensions before beginning an asana practice. This process improves the body faster and decreases the chance of injury as the student progresses to advanced levels.

Yoga for Acrobats: A yoga practice designed to increase flexibility, concentration, and condition the body for the practice of Acrobatics. This is an intermediate class, with a strong emphasis on strength and balance. We will work on Hand balancing techniques, dynamic muscle engagement, and coordinating breath with movement.

Yoga Schedule

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