Aerial Yoga

aerial yogaAerial Revolution is proud to offer one of San Diego's first Aerial Yoga Programs. For the past few decades, both  Aerialists and Yoga practitioners alike have been experimenting with fabric support for stretching and conditioning. Aerial Yoga classes have since been developed and trademarked by individuals and various styles now exist across the world.

aerial yogaIn an Aerial Revolution Aerial Yoga class all of the asanas are modified to include the support of the swing. All classes will have conditioning and restorative aspects, much like a traditional asana yoga class.

Beyond taking yoga into unexplored heights, Aerial Revolution Aerial Yoga classes are intended to be an exploration of play. In Sanskrit, lila simply means "play." Lila is life, the expression of all creation. We explore our roles in life through this expression to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our purpose. Taking our traditional asana practice off the mat and into the air, we embrace our own willingness to "play"

Aerial Yoga Class Types

Aerial Yoga 1: Please bring a yoga mat and water. Aerial Yoga fuses the adventurism and tools of a circus aerialist with the intention and meditation of a focused yogi. Students perform hatha yoga postures either suspended from, fully within or partially assisted by a soft fabric silk. A typical Aerial Yoga class will have the fabric hanging waist-height from the ground in the shape of a sling, or hammock. Students spend time both on the floor and working with the hammock, acclimatizing themselves to using the silks to support more and more of the body's weight. Moving into and among the postures in the hammock builds core strength, achieves better alignment due to gravity and creates an experience designed to decompress and relax its practitioners.

Aerial Yoga Flow: Please bring a yoga mat and water. Traditional Vinyasa Flow inspired Aerial Yoga class. Use the Aerial Hammock to increase range of motion while exploring your adventurous side! Glide, hoover, and fly off the ground to experience downward dog like never before! No experience necessary, first timers welcome.

Aerial Yoga 2 : Please bring a yoga mat and water. Explore the use of aerial fabric to enhance your yoga practice. Students will perform inversions, free hang, back bends, hip and shoulder openers, and have a lot of fun in this level 2 Aerial Yoga class. Take your practice off the mat and into the air with experienced Aerial Yoga instructors. Instructor will manage ALL levels, but it is recommended that you take the Level 1 class first. The class will be encouraged to push to the next level, and experience a deeper connection to the fabric, the mat, and their own bodies.


Aerial Power Yoga: Please bring a yoga mat and water. This class will focus on strengthening techniques in the practice of Aerial Yoga such as core strengthening, inversions, plank holds, and static poses. Aerial Yoga experience suggested, but not necessary. Take your yoga practice to the NEXT LEVEL! Glide, hover, and fly like Yogi Bird, while gaining the strength and flexibility of a Flying Trapeze Artist!


Yoga Schedule

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