Aerial Fabric

The foundation of the Aerial Program, the aerial fabric (or silk) offers some of the most accessible conditioning practices and some of the most challenging. The art of aerial silk, also known as aerial tissue, fabric, ribbon, or curtain, owes its conception to a man by the name of André Simard, an acrobatic research and development specialist for the world famous Cirque du Soleil.

Qualified Aerial Fabric instructors help guide you through the principle foundations of practice and conditioning.There are three different categories of skills that go into an aerialist's sequence; climbs, wraps, and drops. The exhilaration of aerial silks sequences can only be surpassed by the reward of accomplishment and total awe of human spirit and strength by the practitioner.

Aerial Fabric Class Types

Beginning Aerial Fabric:

Adult class, no experience necessary. First time clients strongly encouraged to attend. Class will focus on strength, balance, flexibility and basic skills on the aerial fabric. There will be an emphasis placed on technique, comfort and confidence with very basic climbs and knots before you move onto more difficult skills. You will get an amazing workout and gain the strength necessary to climb higher, flip upside down, and eventually learn basic falls and drops.

Intermediate / Advanced Endurance Aerial Fabric:

This class is for more advanced students who know or want to learn combination skills and routines that build endurance on the fabric. The class begins with a fast paced cardio warm up and stretch. Routines are taught to build the length of time you stay in the air, and short breaks in between sets.

Advanced Aerial Fabric : Drops and Sequences:

Experience necessary. This class will focus on core and upper body strength, full body flexibility, climbing, knots, and inversions on the aerial silks. We will begin drops, falls, and advanced transitions. All skills are taught on the ground first, but intermediate students will be encouraged to attempt skills above ground. Instructor recommendation required.

Aerial Fabric: Choreography and Performance:

This class is for intermediate and advanced students who would like to learn more and explore transitions, working with music, endurance and eventually developing an act.



Aerial Fabric Schedule



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