Our Vision

The revolution of fitness and physical training begins... We invite you to take your training to new heights by exploring cirque arts, yoga, and movement. We offer a wide array of disciplines and practices to help you develop broad methods of personal training techniques that will revolutionize your body and mind. Fitness and well being should be an adventure, not a routine. Our program concentrates on bringing about strength, flexibility, muscle toning, balance, stress reduction, and youthful vigor.
Join Us!

"The unifying qualities of yoga and dance that bring the body and mind into a place of alignment, flexibility, and concentration, are mirrored by the external relationship the aerialist, hoop dancer, or trapeze artist has with their apparatus. Through these relationships we move from being unconscious of our potential to becoming fully unified in mind, body, and breath. We develop self awareness.

As self awareness grows into self respect,  we take on great feats of strength, courage, and concentration through our practice. The community is all around us to encourage us, inspire us, spot us when we fall, and help us to our feet. Suddenly we have the ability to overcome our inner advisories. We become certain, consistent, and conscious in all our actions.

Having developed the desire to meet new heights and challenges, we expand our practice and master new skills and abilities. Our life becomes an adventure rooted in the exploration of the self and our surroundings. Our community becomes a pillar of strength for a more conscious future." - Jack Rudra, Yoga Program Director