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Technique Foundation Handstand Workshop

with Miguel Sant'ana

Friday June 12th

4 Hours workshop is $150

Aerial Revolution is excited to welcome Miguel Sant'ana for a Handstand Workshop!

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Miguel will teach his technique of “whole body positioning”, this is from fingers to toes aiming to achieve a perfectly straight handstand. We will warm up the whole body based on flexibility, mobility, and strength.


AcroYoga : 10 Forms : A Martial Approach to Acrobatics

Join Rachel Dragonfly and Jackie Dragon in this dynamic fusion of Acrobatics and Yoga. This is a progressive class where students move through 10 acrobatic Forms sequentially, mastering one Form before moving on to the next.

The goal of the Form is to preserve and transmit proven techniques for the practice of AcroYoga. Through repetition, the AcroYogi develops the ability to perform these techniques with precision and confidence. By practicing Forms, we learn to flow through complex transitions without thought or hesitation.


We are excited to welcome back Yuri Marmerstein to take our hand balancing to the next level!

July 25, 2015 : Hand Balancing

- Session 1 : 10:00am - 1:00pm

- Session 2 : 3:00pm - 6:00pm

July 26th : Intermediate / Advanced Hand Balancing

- 11:00am - 1:00pm

Cost is $150 for Day 1, both sessions, $75 for Day 2 OR $200 for both days [All 3 sessions!]

Yuri is returning to San Diego for another full weekend of Hand Balancing for all levels detailing the process of learning to stand on your hands.

The goal is to give participants the tools and understanding they need to be able to achieve a freestanding handstand and move beyond their current level onto more advanced hand balancing feats.