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Handstand Workshop

with the amazing Charlotte Greenblatt!

Looking to improve your Handstand? Join Charlotte for a 4 hour workshop at Aerial Revolution. This workshop is recommended for those who have a free balancing handstand.

December 20th, 2014 10am - 2pm


AcroYoga : 10 Forms : A Martial Approach to Acrobatics

Stay tuned for series classes and workshops coming soon!

Join Rachel Dragonfly and Jackie Dragon in this dynamic fusion of Acrobatics and Yoga. This is a progressive class where students move through 10 acrobatic Forms sequentially, mastering one Form before moving on to the next.

The goal of the Form is to preserve and transmit proven techniques for the practice of AcroYoga. Through repetition, the AcroYogi develops the ability to perform these techniques with precision and confidence. By practicing Forms, we learn to flow through complex transitions without thought or hesitation.